'... the dalai lama ..'

  Me: I got  this sensation he believes in immanence
  Deleuze:  the same .. the very same sense pervades me
  Me : interesting isn't it? in spite of the respect paid to statues...  after all they're deities of this world.

Deleuze... anexactly!


gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------His Holiness the Dalai Lama paying his respects before statues of Hindu deities at Somaiya Vidyavihar campus in Mumbai, India on May 30, 2014. (Photo by Choejor/OHHDL)


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in the eternity of immanence


in the eternity of immanence   ,         the wave of the   future   coming becoming that's
         the injured destroyed lives'll find their place

  in that future future now

              in the world to come

   but now in the present moment bodies are dying so whence that eternal becoming of return?



over at Corry Shores' ...

 ------------------ Everything Corry Shores does is interesting.I just noticed a short while his most recent entry 

 and so I say Voila   ~  read, it , c           h                e             c             k         it  O      u       T

 The following is highly experimental and is meant to serve as the starting mistakes for a larger project currently under development. This project examines Gilles Deleuze’s ‘Logics’. We have two “logic” books by Deleuze, Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation and The Logic of Sense. I believe that Deleuze’s Cinema 1 and 2 comprise a third logic book, what we might title The Logic of Signs. All three ‘logics’ share the common logic of affirmative synthetic disjunction [I discuss this further pp.204-205 of "In the Still of the Moment"].




'Abécédaire Foucault Alain Brossat librairie texture 27 juin


Les éditions Demopolis & la librairie Texture, Alain Brossat

vous invitent à la présentation de ABÉCÉDAIRE FOUCAULT
http://u.jimdo.com/www21/o/s829e0e1b0d919d6c/img/ic4062ad2e206d89b/1401533557/std/image.jpg En croisant et combinant des textes animés par le souci d’entrer dans la discussion foucaldienne contemporaine, toujours plus animée, et d’autres qui sont portés par son inspiration sans se rattacher à une quelconque orthodoxie, cet ouvrage s’efforce de mettre en évidence la façon dont une pensée forte comme celle de Foucault peut agir sur ses lecteurs en les incitant à se tenir à la hauteur des enjeux aussi bien philosophiques que politiques de leur époque. Cet Abécédaire n’est pas un essai sur la pensée de Foucault mais bien plutôt un cheminement avec lui.
En adoptant le principe de l’abécédaire, il ne s’agit pas de passer en revue les principales notions à l’œuvre dans le travail de Foucault mais plutôt de tenter de rendre le lecteur sensible à la puissance d’une pensée constamment animée par le souci de l’actuel (le présent tel qu’il est, pour nous, en question).



~ in the ...


  in the heaven  which is immanence this world goes on forever

  outlasting empire and the will to power of kingdomes , kings, and Kingdoms



from Corry Shores' Augustine-- brief snippet broadcast


Whatever may be the manner of this secret foreseeing of future things, nothing can be seen except what exists. But what exists now is not future, but present. When, therefore, they say that future events are seen, it is not the events themselves, for they do not exist as yet (that is, they are still in time future), but perhaps, instead, their causes and their signs are seen, which already do exist. Therefore, to those already beholding these causes and signs, they are not future, but present, and from them future things are predicted because they are conceived in the mind. These conceptions, however, exist now, and those who predict those things see these conceptions before them in time present.

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Chapter XIX


Augustine now asks how it is that God teaches the prophets of things in the future. [165]
Just reading this again I am thinking of the 3 lines spoken of in A Thousand Plateaus. I am looking for a sneaky parallel  a laughter that echoes among the writers of time and centuries . Of the Authors of Geology and time it would seem theres no connecting yet time resists matter and rocks, or strata thus geology. or is the other way that's what most think 
but maybe its the other way
With respect to Signs I am thinking of Proust and Signs  and the meaning Signs at all levels yet plays in our lives more so than symbols 
Sings Signs signing her name

So there are three times, past, present, and future, but only insofar as they are given in the present. It is more accurate to speak of a time present of things past; a time present of things present; and a time present of things future.

But even now it is manifest and clear that there are neither times future nor times past. Thus it is not properly said that there are three times, past, present, and future. Perhaps it might be said rightly that there are three times: a time present of things past; a time present of things present; and a time present of things future. For these three do coexist somehow in the soul, for otherwise I could not see them. The time present of things past is memory; the time present of things present is direct experience; the time present of things future is expectation. If we are allowed to speak of these things so, I see three times, and I grant that there are three. Let it still be said, then, as our misapplied custom has it: “There are three times, past, present, and future.” I shall not be troubled by it, nor argue, nor object-- always provided that what is said is understood, so that neither the future nor the past is said to exist now. There are but few things about which we speak properly-- and many more about which we speak improperly--though we understand one another’s meaning.
 ------------------------------------------------------------------ More about these ideas later---------------------------------------------



it's to do

its to do with the plane of immanence     ~  does it cut across eternity as a form(at?) of matter?

 _____________________ these are, this is the 'pensive' of today _____________

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  in fact  ,      'eternitys'  (yes eternitys and not the possessive or contraction but more like  a plural-noun not the man but the contained within itself)  are

   eternitys are measurable bits of     something or other           perhaps measureable morsels, parts, of


no counter proof to this or proofs . Jill steels herself. A matter  a moment(um) of eternity. the pluralbindex of 

__________So when Blake, the poet,saw eternity, he was seeing bits of it. 

   I evoke Blake but it's not enough because it wld. immediately call up images of who he was
                                                and what his work,s adly
's come to present

________________Mona come back to this  but this is that______________________________

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 Question of the day  ~ where does matter begin and end?





return to this in broadcast borrowed. burrow between a chaoid of system and the duration of eternity's blocs.



Re________Pirates & Revolutionaries: Augustine on Time, Confessions Book 11, summary


A quick note to advise anyone reading this blog to go and see for yourself  Corry Shores' new and recent entries about Augustine's  digressions and confessions about  Time_ Augustine's a beautiful writer in his own right,  and  
  is       A u g u s  t i n e                          going to refind himself in Shores' reading and re-reading of the 

i                             deas of the old sinner and saint. 

                     A new deterritorialization? a line of escape we'd not seen or heard previously? a  novel and more daring  machining in the twist of time?             a time machine summarizing the books flight of grace. Le t us see and read . Surely it's to be a discovery as I too haven't read the entry and look forward to so doing   ~ .

Pirates & Revolutionaries: Augustine on Time, Confessions Book 11, summary

 and why not take these old ideas reshaping them for new ends/ think of what use Negri and Michael H. put Augstine's idea(s) of the city in their wonder book Empire?

Sero te amavi, pulchritudo tam antiqua et tam nova, sero te amavi! et ecce intus eras et ego foris, et ibi te quaerebam.

' Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient and ever new!' ...

___________ an d surely one is bound to ask about the nature of time and the lively rings of eternity  __________________________________________________


As you


____________________  Franny sent me  a note: unfortuneately she had subjected herself to  a barrage from that frothing at the mouth   man from Slovenia!

                  'As you know Deleuze took his own life  after being terribly sick and suffering long.
 yet reading, studying, listening to him lecture, I never have the urge to take my life.'

'Spending a couple of hours listening to the Slovenian Zizek, while he spoke about movies,
my head was pounding  my eyes were sore my heart was aching
i wanted to die
  to throw myself off a bridge

it was cold outside

i was on a bus while feeling this way   _ about a half hour after the two hours of Zizek hammering negative pounding nothing no hope no this no that etcerra
I had a copy  of Dialogues with me 
 The hard back version that I bought  years back

 Its a blue dusty cover

I took it out and started to read it

the chapter on Psychoanalysis

I slowly started to breath better to see
I began to emerge from under the welter and hammering i had subjected myself
to listening to the Z pounder who while speaking kept changing his uniform and how he looked like a priest
as he said there was no god

How he reminded me of the last man in Zarathustra
but I didnt know this until after
till now as I write

how he hates desire
how analysis hates desire

 the whole stinking ideology of analysis resurrected by him and spread on the 'global' 'stage' 

along with his little god and the other one and his negative ideations....

How they nauseate me! what buffons!

Little men playing to big audiences /academics

in dirty jerseys

and of course these days he says 'fuck ' a  lot as if that made him more what?

It simply makes him more vile. So that even if his ideas are right, or at least pointed in the right direction
one is suspicious

one Suspects the whole thing is a farce

the angry the posing the radical talk the revival of Lenin

the endless quoting of Hegel and really how so often

as one hears his proclamations one's reminded of a dictator a little Stalin

Mister Psycho-analysis himself: Interpretosis Alive and in the body .

and who he reminds me of , strange to say is Harold Bloom and his all too reductive capital

little economy of anxiety and art for the wealthy few of the Harvard drag club
and other memory bummers

these shrieking voice this shrill reduction and deduction of the facts

of what Art is of what Life is

So little of Deleuze.

Guattari spoke of Black holes
Deleuze Spoke of the Z of creation 

well, folks it looks like we got the black hole of recreation with Mister Zizek.

The well known over published overprolifiic little man

that never shuts up. Thinks hes making a point discussing film while sitting on a toilet.

O dear, have we not seen this before?

Have we not heard it previously?

L'homme de resentiment

and the return nicely packaged of   'paulism'

     along with his pal and that other resenter Badiou.

____ It's time to go back and read Nietzsche's Twilight and those wonderous polemics
 from a real point of view about the 'apostle' of resentment .

The more i hear of these two the more I think they are simply bad students.

with big mouths and good publishing abilities. For Zizek and his pal Badiou it's okay to salvage these thugs
of morality

                 and resentment.'

------------------------------------'God save us from the resenters!'  O my dear Franny one must be wary of these negative figures   & their high-wire acts!
 ____________________________________________________--  Dunce!

    Void them!  D nce n ked with your body on the high hill of happiness




Nous, sorciers,

One has to create knowledge whereever one is, as the lines of escape (and flight) keep changing! Non! alor, changeons  
alors changez-les !
 « Nous, sorciers… »

Nous, sorciers, nous savons bien que les contradictions sont réelles,mais que les contradictions réelles ne sont que pour rire. -4. Deleuze, 5. Guattari,
 Mille plateaux

Extrait de l'article paru dans la revue papier.
Dans Mille plateaux, Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari affirment l’exigence de percevoir l’imperceptible. Or une telle perception paradoxale met au jour en même temps qu’elle maintient le statut immédiatement problématique de la notion d’« invisibilité ». Que les termes mêmes d’invisible ou d’imperceptible existent pose effectivement un problème.

 by ridhadhib

Comment peut-on désigner quelque chose qui ne peut être perçu ? Si l’imperceptible n’est pas seulement renvoyé à la relativité de la perception, autrement dit renvoyé à ce qui serait perceptible pour autrui, ou en vertu d’un seuil différent de perception (l’œil de l’aigle ou celui du microscope par rapport à l’œil humain), s’il est envisagé en tant que tel, alors il faut penser quelque chose qui n’est, en quelque sorte, ni être ni néant, ou bien les deux à la fois, qui existe et n’existe pas, mais qui pourtant « insiste », « subsiste ».
Emilie Charonnat