As Deleuze looked over his shoulder,   looked back over his, looked askance, back over his
  shoulder the day he was, he ,  had , was a bout to, t ak  e t  h  e    l          e         a             p  

 he did not forsee   __ and how could he anyhow, he was looking Back over his shoulder __

   the return  of the Hegelian synthetic 3 part dance step of the  dialectic   step re step detotalize  retotalize  into ever grander totalizations of history  , hegel,  lacan,

                                                                 and the priests of c astration

    to be come the dominating force of world thought  ,    so            to              s  p e  a   k

he could not see via his backward looking telescope ___ were  it in reverse or not
            the coming back the coming to back  ___ again   as I said above

           of the  hegel heavy weights and              their big bar bell Being!

                           with Tawdry history and ne  c e  s   s  i  ty  their boon mates!

 a sheer wasste of time for the

                    master of the moutain the master of the radio machine

               of the waves                 and flow               or bit and aparatus and bit/part

--------------------- the radio switch broke  .



------------------------------------------ He called the  KNight of InFinite corps sans organes and the
                              other Knight of Infinite backward leap and the man of the mad mountain
                  Papa N    &
                                             Nietzsche's Daughter joine d the fray and no mor e

                       of these illusions and bad iou s  writing the historical check of the global go-go end of the world fuse and news

                                                          ____________ but a piece of furniture a morsel of it  ~

              and behold Franny said here is the Sun the gigabyte and password the figment of its  

in the next episode Father Deleuze meets the end of Napoleon .


au cause de... RaDio Deleuze went up into the Mountain .....

    because  strata are the  judgement of god.  '  of course reatived   'theo'  Logians christian and otherwise 
   reactived chemical strata makers are hoping to restore the strata sufficiently to 

   enforce their power that was  /even and esp. in the name of love/
which they call gue and love or gub.

--------------------------------------- for the gue holding up jesus is the eyeball of the
                                son busting his mouther's chops in the name of the dead dad
              that's killinghim

______________ theologians work for the reconstruction and reACtIvation of the strata which are now the transcednetal enemies of  Humanity.

  these twits want to tell you philsophy  and this goes for politics too__ is a secular version of theological idears.

      ___________ i f this is being said its' due to the desire to enforce this  idea.

=============  heed them not !  _____________


Memoirs of a theo.. logian ...


Memoirs of a theologian   but we're finding Geology more  exciting.

  God as a geological memory, a bad one at the best of times; a fall,a  slip, a crash of rocks and blocks /not an academic exercise.

  the reactive chain of thelogians in the thousands raving about their demised dead (arse) god.


the eternal return of eternal life...


   Look! see! the radiating eyes! the light returning eternity! thee oh eternity!



No one heard

----------------------------------------- no one heard


ZeD for Tzara




Anne Sauvagnargues - De l’interprétation à l’expérimentation I

Manuel Candré : Deleuze, deux faces

Gilles Deleuze (DR)Gilles Deleuze (DR)

DEmiLEUquinZE (Face A)
J’ai rencontré Deleuze, j’avais vingt ans, et son Nietzsche, petit ouvrage conçu comme un bestiaire philosophique, alors que j’étais descendu au Mans pour un festival de jazz (nous y verrions Christian Vander faire un jam avec son maître Elvin Jones. Nous étions trois, Jean-Christophe C., Nicolas B. Elvin Jones, tout de rouge vêtu, rugissait derrière les toms, Christian Vander avait les yeux blancs).
Deleuze a été pour moi, là, une lecture supplémentaire, enrichie si on veut, de Nietzsche et rien de plus. La déflagration s’est produite plus tard, 10 ans peut-être.




and and that dirty little crook ~

__________________________ yer puling another Dt mister<

recall   it was me i'm quite sure _ hurling what is metaphysics-- by the german guy heidegger ____ into the yard, watching as it burned.
that was 72. the next year in Paris, we heard Deleuze lecturing. ..

the crisp 1.25 book going up in flames crackling away

the summer night

It was fun that year
and the years

as they burned
our teacher's voice
hurling his raptured thundered rhapsodes



and tape recorders

and poetry afterwards

the cafes and room


and the smell


the world

and that dirty little book
burning so brightly


are you doing

and the next

we heard Antioedipus



its strands
shaped up

over the decade
to the


Plateau after


a thousand in all



theiiiiiiiii, fucked again

There are those who will maintain that the schizo is incapable of uttering the word I, and that we must restore his ability to pronounce this hallowed word. All of which the schizo sums up by saying: they're fucking me over again.

Anti-Oedipus (p.23)_______________________>> go ahead
read the bloody book

or sleep with it ~
be a lover

_________________ FanMail:  to CDuffy__ yer fictive personal live s as highschizo
in Paris, Dublin, London and the air-plane of immanence is amusing. Lifting Liltin yer banner high yer a low liar, a scoundrel and dirty dog! a pure personaefictation!

andbesides that dirty little book is not the dirty little secret!~



sow is wha t philoSophy?


 sow is what philosophy?

 sown metaphors of concepts relaying their train of knowledge.a  cinema crowd in her head. wisdom's wide golden hip/

against the power the powers that be/ which r always the tower of babelling  a ziggarrut of dust and bust
   raking the sky

 w e'd prefer boats rushivng over the water clinging to the skin of the sea than

   the exhaust  dinosaurs of the sky 

  Whenas I see Socrates head in the sea surfacing again with questions and dialectics
     propounding and unpounding the twist and yearn

of the proportionate point

 is therea question prior to the answer

.  We dialogue Deleuze we do. We dialoue every day in radio f.m. /a.m. and our communications are wireless not the not deadbeat waves of those in the mountains

 nor the dead air waves of those in Switzerland

   but it's the live wires of living conversation chattering across the centuries clasped in books and horned wave elements particles of truth i n their hands

  this is Jill and Mona handy in  their h a n  d  s o  m   e        .



"What is Philosophy" Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari; A. Sekatskii, Mikhailova (Part One)_Dig It _RuSsiAn Style


The problem  is, for us Other Deluzians us Hyperboreans ,dear Karamazov,
is  that we don't understand a word of Russian!


________________________< Ah, yes but we do get the Z's.


jOhn _Milton's grave Ps and a note back to deleuze and

Deterritory verlainelefou wrote:

As once upon a  time Franny was writing about the roundabout Milton as 
   when a reader
would see threads glaring off the deep anchor of a piece  and       .... 

 so/one writes words. they make things happen in/out. i write in a nonconforming way  U disagree that's yer business...
                            Now Milton on-the one hand, is interesting as a prose writer as poet shaking between left hand 
right hand making the switches....


'so bucksome blithe and debonair'

 Other thoughts about the grave

 Grave as the metaphor of the critical drivel that has accumulated around
his work since his death. At first it was good, then it became manure shite
repetition, what was curiosity becomes the reflexive self preservation of a
class prejudice.

 In a Deleuze like pose one ca ask who does Milton take behind. MIlton the
Latin Secretary of Cromwell, Milton the mysogyne. Latin the blind man on the
run Milton is the class poet of his age: what a bore, as one drills through
the last bks. Always so derivative everywhere of Shakespeare, this religious
maniac, a man who neglects the Irish and exalts the Bible one strange
cockatoo of British nonsense One can go on and on.... 
 Tracking this and tracing this...
 yet the grave becomes the visible site and is indeed the visible locale
of violation.
 THe poets remains were stolen,removed, desecrated, put back;
Milton's dead body is the dead subject of his reified name. His fit fame for
few is a curse. He remains, like TS Eliot, the most cursed of the British

 THe more one reads Paradise Lost the less there is. One realises in fact
that the Waste Land began with this lengthy burial of Christianity, its last
aborted effort at justifying of course a god that cannot be justified.


Make your own bloody body without organs.
                                      We are difference engineers, ok?


... two... mornings...


One morning , p.m.,  Radio Deleuze  ( he) woke up and found  there were two Deleuzes. The one better known and world famous back to the ancient muster of mysteries of philosophy was immanent and traded difference to the immanent forever moment of its own immanence the ground immanent immanence, the difference each nano second of the billionth part. This person(a) was the better known to both former students, friends, colleagues, collective assemblages of enunciation___ and Nuns too! like Sister Maria Buttocks hailing from the late great Vatican 'ecole de philosophie' ___ and the hung dry night of desire machining its own agencenment path through thick and thin, thinking a king to its own demographic impulse. A capricious creation of desire night.

   The other was the clandestine transcendent Deleuze. A lesser known virtually comic figure.
Waving his hands on the baton of the dialectic one two and three! a sweeping retotalization of all history, time and place.

We'll come back to this. and other strange triads of eros and thanatos, the Oedipal mummy hid at the heart of every boy's lover  love relate and the pummeled fair wind of its simplicity and its dear
desk, its diamond brooch of surprise . A breast holding its mouth to the far end of hunger.


for to gather farther


For my own part I never wonder at any thing;--and so often has my judgement
deceived me in my life, that I always suspect it, right or wrong,--at
least I am seldom hot upon cold subjects. For all this, I reverence truth
as much as any body; and when it has slipped us, if a man will but take me
by the hand, and go quietly and search for it, as for a thing we have both
lost, and can neither of us do well without,--I'll go to the world's end
with him.

Tristram Shandy 



'Deleuze's last thought'


Nota:: this is the 'true' last essay of  Gilles Deleuze which is  a mere fragment. It is revealing however to note that Deleuze owns to transcendence in his last  thought. The philosopher of immanence and difference extrapolates difference in the grand transcendence of the inexplicable. One should also note that although it is dated 1988 the year after he gave up lecturing, that this essay was among the drafts being readied  for a small book published just before his death, Immanence; a Life, and What is Philosophy (co-signed with Felix-Guattari). Lest readers be scandalized finding this intrusion into their perception of the philosopher we present only the title until such time they are prepared for a re-study of the thinker's works.

   The beauty of transcendence

      Gilles Deleuze 1988.