is dial ...a


  Is dialectics then of the centaur?

           or the beast of three backs?


  1.  And one can ponder the distinction between Notions and Concepts. Sartre believes that concepts are scientific and that philosophicalideas are notions.
  3. A different view eh! Monsieur Deleuze and yr Deleuzian hordes with their infinite tractable apparatus
Mona kills-herself with ! Holy Joy existential glory!
Mona believes ideas are fictional fictives erratums of loneley patchs pulled by glue and matter
spelling mistake s included
 the true dicohotomy and discovery of modern 20th century thought was the MISTAKE.
that was goldmine pouring sun onto the keg of wine what dined on the food of the gods.

re did


______________It was Hegel re did
                                                                       Did a s the first time farce is tragedy's comedy?

this it

it becomes Hegel with the face of Deleuze
 the latter with the facing of Sameness totality transcendence

versus it's immanent and eminent sister

Deleuze with the repeating face of Hegel's latter day saint.?

_________ broadcast s.vous.plait.



An American in Utopia ...




..... is .


 Deleuze was Hegel's returning difference. of course I speak after  (all) the wars have been fought, were fought and are over.

  as D     pointed out in Negotiations .. that

'philosophy  may have its great internal battles (between idealism and realism, and so on), but they're mock battles.

Not being a power, philosophy can't battle with the powers that be,

 but it fights a war without battles, a guerrilla campaign against them."


"It can't converse with them, it's got nothing to tell them, nothing to communicate,

and  can only negotiate."

Since the powers aren't just external things, but permeate each of us,

                              philosophy throws all of us into constant negotiations with, 

                         and a  guerrilla campaign against, ourselves  . '

One might say something similar happens in the mock battles or the ghost battles of poetry. The skirmishes, where Orpheus' head is torn off in one

                        poem moment

                                           yet in the next is replaced with a new one.

Perhaps the new one is a female head, maybe Sappho's or some other lesser known

poetess dancing her heart out.

 Aye Plato bore it in mind and Socrates took it to heart.

A little apocryphal tale.  for two.

for too.

for too to to say.

 Homer horrahaed! blew his horn 

across the millenia

breaking through the molecules

up popped t he resurrecting multiple Christs of the whole-part earth

the fuller body of the earth   chaos' lover and friend.


what doubles and giants swam then? doubles across and then over the multiple of time, its quantum leap before the vast matter of its bearing.

 A quantum has been created . And it creates . where none and many were before.





Hegel has met


                        Hegel has met Deleuze in the same difference . of

                                                   Guattari met   Schiller   of the dissimilar      ~

he was invoiced   by  D     ~.


-- what was that called the multitude?


some years back in a book two writers spoke about the multitude covering their earth with criss crossing voyages and journeying.

now the millions of refugees shoot in straight and crooked lines across and before every border.

some multitude! eh!


in.... that................ strange........... trundle ..... of ..... turning


___________________________ Proportion .

 In the eternal return of the Same the former  round a few turns back  

                               Deleuze may have been                                                Hegel.

         Now there   talk about repetition and difference .

___________________________ in thee proportion  Hegel  might have been 


                                                             Deleuze the Same

 In the eternal return of the Same the former  round a a turn or two and a few  back  

                             Hegel in a difference of the  die turning  may have  Deleuze 
difference     may have been                                                Hegel

                                                                                    the few have Deleuze               

So your darling  

deleuze might have become hegel ... your 

several then hegel became deleuze may Nowhegeuze heleuze turn over t u r n

different repeats have flung the psyche wide ran g in g ar ou nd

         Now here   talk about  eternal   come back  

                                                                 of its Identical Same

was different  

                                                                                   several return former Now return return eternal there repetition Now few

                                                                                    the few have Deleuzeso your deleuze might have become hegel ... your several then hegel became deleuze may Nowhegeuze heleuze turn over t u r n
different repeats have flung the psyche wide ran g in g ar ou nd

one of severed Hegeuze Degel
 several back the Same about



----------------------- la bêtise


Rencontres et Débats Autrement du mercredi 25 janvier 2012, Invité: Bernard STIEGLER, à l'occasion de la sortie de son livre : "ETATS DE CHOC" Bêtise et savoirs au XXI è siècle




Us Immanentists ..... (we immanentizers .... ... . )




Us Immanentists .....Us Immanentists .....Us Immanentists .....Us Immanentists .....Us Immanentists .....



ideas machine


    the motor churning water bifurcating and water chasing
          between the book and leaf

                    over the charming roof of love's beef?

    hey let's bust these rhymes of delicacy with truth

 as   it's there immanence  does it s working work

 not the false ideas of those claiming 

                              Claiming what Doctor  Deleuze

.A member of the immanence of the world sweeping in on itself as the love bust.

Should us immanentists trust the new face the internation Church especially the 'benevolent' emanating from Rome?

Well you know the old adage?     
  since you do we won't trust until it's no longer what  it is. we're not discussing good intentions here but the power of millenia.

 transcendence has been a  gangster signifier not a singer   ...... 

its agents performing the totalization of repression as sentimentality

    the unhappy consciousness of the poste hegelians in the form of their various
contemporary emissaries 

ie Bad  i o   u

 and his various phony cronies 
no matter how prolific.


the shame of philosophy


today the shame of philosophy takes on the name of a Canadian _ Charles Taylor.



Hannah Arendt "Zur Person" Full Interview-- (with English subtitles)

But In my opionion I am not a philosopher . I've said good-bye

to philosophy once and for all.

____________________________________________More to come
         Soon enough about Hanna Arendt


 100027 Hannaharendt is an asteroid. It was discovered by Freimut Börngen and Lutz D. Schmadel on October 12, 1990. Its provisional designation was 1990 TR3. It was named after Hannah Arend

 She says  " Poetry has always played  a great role in my life ."










    As Deleuze looked over his shoulder,   looked back over his, looked askance, back over his
  shoulder the day he was, he ,  had , was a bout to, t ak  e t  h  e    l          e         a             p  

 he did not forsee   __ and how could he anyhow, he was looking Back over his shoulder __

   the return  of the Hegelian synthetic 3 part dance step of the  dialectic   step re step detotalize  retotalize  into ever grander totalizations of history  , hegel,  lacan,

                                                                 and the priests of c astration

    to be come the dominating force of world thought  ,    so            to              s  p e  a   k

he could not see via his backward looking telescope ___ were  it in reverse or not
            the coming back the coming to back  ___ again   as I said above

           of the  hegel heavy weights and              their big bar bell Being!

                           with Tawdry history and ne  c e  s   s  i  ty  their boon mates!

 a sheer wasste of time for the

                    master of the moutain the master of the radio machine

               of the waves                 and flow               or bit and aparatus and bit/part

--------------------- the radio switch broke  .



------------------------------------------ He called the  KNight of InFinite corps sans organes and the
                              other Knight of Infinite backward leap and the man of the mad mountain
                  Papa N    &
                                             Nietzsche's Daughter joine d the fray and no mor e

                       of these illusions and bad iou s  writing the historical check of the global go-go end of the world fuse and news

                                                          ____________ but a piece of furniture a morsel of it  ~

              and behold Franny said here is the Sun the gigabyte and password the figment of its  

in the next episode Father Deleuze meets the end of Napoleon .


au cause de... RaDio Deleuze went up into the Mountain .....

    because  strata are the  judgement of god.  '  of course reatived   'theo'  Logians christian and otherwise 
   reactived chemical strata makers are hoping to restore the strata sufficiently to 

   enforce their power that was  /even and esp. in the name of love/
which they call gue and love or gub.

--------------------------------------- for the gue holding up jesus is the eyeball of the
                                son busting his mouther's chops in the name of the dead dad
              that's killinghim

______________ theologians work for the reconstruction and reACtIvation of the strata which are now the transcednetal enemies of  Humanity.

  these twits want to tell you philsophy  and this goes for politics too__ is a secular version of theological idears.

      ___________ i f this is being said its' due to the desire to enforce this  idea.

=============  heed them not !  _____________


Memoirs of a theo.. logian ...


Memoirs of a theologian   but we're finding Geology more  exciting.

  God as a geological memory, a bad one at the best of times; a fall,a  slip, a crash of rocks and blocks /not an academic exercise.

  the reactive chain of thelogians in the thousands raving about their demised dead (arse) god.


the eternal return of eternal life...


   Look! see! the radiating eyes! the light returning eternity! thee oh eternity!



No one heard

----------------------------------------- no one heard